BugLogHQ is a free and open source tool to centralize the handling of automated bug reports from multiple applications.

BugLogHQ provides a unified view of error messages sent from any number of applications and servers, allowing the developer to search, graph, forward, and explore the bug reports submitted by the applications.

Current Version: BugLogHQ 1.8.7  |  Next Version: BugLogHQ 2.0 (Development)


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Sending Bug Reports

CFML (try/catch)
try {
   // code that never fails
} catch(any e) {
   var bl = new bugLogService("...listener...");
   bl.notifyService(e.message, e);
CFML (Application.cfc)
component {
   public function onError(Exception, EventName) {
      var bl = new bugLogService("...listener...");
      bl.notifyService(exception.message, exception);

      // continue error handling...
curl "http://your_server/bugLog/listeners/bugLogListenerREST.cfm" \
   -d message="errors happen!" \
   -d applicationCode="someApp" \
   -d severityCode="ERROR" 

BugLogHQ can also be called from JavaScript, PHP and Python apps!


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